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As the most important tourist city in Wallonia, Liège has innumerable riches in store waiting to be discovered. The characteristic districts, the river Meuse, which transects from South to North, the abrupt and wooded hills surrounding it as well as its marked relief, providing a multitude of original perspectives give the city an exceptional charm.

Ville de LiègeA very current folklore kept alive by a positive-minded population, always ready for a feast, lively districts and a large number of restaurants all combine to make this an essential part of any trip to Belgium, not to mention its vigorous cultural and artistic life and a considerable architectural heritage.

The surrounding area also offers a vast array of options for walking and tourist visits.


Province of Liege

Situated in the Ardennes, the Province of Liege is the gateway to Europe, its international character expressed in its extensive road and rail networks, not forgetting its river and modern airport.

The real power-house of the Walloon tourist industry, the province of Liege also offers the greatest and richest celebration of heritage, and also the widest range of attractions for tourists : the unique biotope of the High Fen (Hautes Fagnes-Hohes Venn), 5,000 km of signposted footpaths (800 routes), Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the thermal health spas of Spa and Chaudfontaine, 50 tourist sites and attractions, 139 museums, 190 hotels, 18 holiday villages , 1093 furnished lodgings... but also 7 Alpine ski slopes and 27 Nordic trails – and everywhere there\'s good cheer and a great welcome!

Among Liege\'s features, one notices that the city cherishes the celebration of festival, tradition and folklore. Liege knows how to do things on a grand scale...
Did you know that the Sunday market 'La Batte' is the oldest Belgian public market and one of the most important in Europe with 4 to 5 million visitors a year?

LiègeIn the province of Liege, you will be captivated by picturesque villages, their serenity and variety, and the man-sized « mountains » of the Ardennes.

Let us explore this secret land where villages nestle deep down in the valleys, around a Romanesque church, tucked away in little dales formed by storming torrents, or among mysterious Fen country (Fagnes).

The ideal spot par excellence for « green tourism », the southern and eastern regions of our province are criss-crossed by a seemingly endless network of footpaths and cycle trails. In the centre, Condroz, with its gently rolling hills, is the setting for enchanting villages.
To the north, the plains of Hesbaye are home to amazing manor farms and two rural valleys that form part of a nature reserve.

Forged from the fires of mining and steel, the province of Liege has been bathed by the gently flowing river Meuse from time immemorial. A charming valley, whether you approach it from Huy or Visé. As for the towns, they are just the right size and delightfully friendly. The Liegeois have a reputation for being cheerful.

You're assured of a warm welcome and memorable experiences when you visit the province of Liege!